Human resources

Talent strategy
Management scientist Tom. Peters said: "The only real resource of the business or career is people.Management is the full development of human resources to do a good job."
Distinguished practitioners of the corporate governance Jack. Welch also said: "All of my work is people... ... good leaders who should be the same as the coach of cultivating their own staff, provide them with opportunities to realize their dreams."
Whether in the beginning of Honlivs business venture, or in the process of growing and expanding, or in the progressive realization of our ambitious goals, we are most in need of talent.
Talent is the first enterprise resource of Honliv. Honliv Enterprises adhere to the "people-oriented, service first" management philosophy, always put the people as the venture, competition, and development of a business development.

Honliv Enterprise’s conviction: First-class talent is the basis of building first-class enterprise
Honliv Enterprises that:The talent is who can be competent at their work ,the manpower to innovation
Honliv follows:
With corporate values and people-oriented to attract talent With psychological contract and growing opportunities for the talent .
With the corporate culture and a common vision for retaining talent
Honliv Enterprise Human Resource Managements core positioning:
--To create a good platform development space for talent --- to do business to keep people
--The implementation of the enterprise competitive edge within the group differences in the treatment of distribution policy --- the treatment to keep people
--Continue to strengthen the internal affinity, cohesion, enrich and develop the unique culture of corporate culture ------ culture to keep people.
Honliv enterprises will, as always, welcome to Wikipedia , gala essence and invite the world to create excellence grace albert. Whether youre a doctor or a masters degree and also the senior management staff, or fighting in the production and service line, or the ordinary workers ,line managers, marketing personnel, research workers, educators, health workers, general service staff who play an intelligence with their own industrious hands and constantly promote the business success, you are equally indispensable talents of Honliv business. Honliv enterprise which considers the employee as the largest wealth is a country with a very broad prospects for the development businesses. We hope to have more talented people to join the ranks of the cause of Honliv to create a better life.

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