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  • November 30th,2010, in the donation ceremony of society responsibility, show compassion held by the provincial government, Honliv Group donated 200 police cars valued about 22.16 million yuan to Public Security Department,which were used to support the development of public security in our province. About 50 of these cars were dispensed to Changyuan County on June 10th,2011.

  • Honliv Group donated about 1.65million on the meeting of 2010 Changyuan Financing excellent poor college students on August 17th,2010.

  • Cardiac surgery of Honliv Hospital rescued patients of a family who have congenital heart disease for free on July 30th,2010.

  • May 5th,2010, Honliv Hospital carried out activity jointly with Provincial Charity Association “Charity and love for people-Treat and cue 100 Children with Congenital Heart Disease for free”. On December 12th, the activity ended with a great success. It provided free operation for about 110 Children with Congenital Heart Disease.

  • Honliv Hospital invested about 15million yuan to buy 6 top advanced gastroscopy vehicle serving the local people by free charge on April 20th,2010.

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