About Honliv

Enterprise culture
Honliv Mission - to create a beautiful new life
"To take pride in creating a better life" is our sought-after goal; Honliv Group establishes the development pattern of an industry-based and multi-industry co-existence;and seek new expansion space for the company constantly; We adopt the common development with the staff, and create new growing room for staff; Through the rational management and sustained growth, we persist the development of robust demand and the, development of financial prudence, to create new profit space for the company; we create a better life for the community through the contribution of material wealth and spiritual wealth.
Honliv - Proved that strength with facts, to do the most respected companies in China
"Second is not a victory, to be done all by first" is our creed. Honliv Group never fight first, bold innovation and high with the breadth of vision, Through the unremitting efforts, on the basis of bigger and stronger existing projects, she continuously develops new projects to seek the new economic growth point. By enhancing product value, employee value and enterprise value, and thus she gains the respect of society.
Sincerely Honliv Group provides self-realization stage for the staff, keep their promises to the customer and fulfill its duties to the community.
Honliv spirit - Work, Honesty
“Small businesses do things but a man of large enterprises,";Intentions of doing things mean to do a good job every day in every thing with the responsible, pragmatic spirit, to undertake the responsibilities entrusted to corporate mission initiativly. Intentions of doing things mean to do better than in the past, better than others.
"The man without faith, without the base of moral character";Integrity is sincerity ,honesty and trustworthiness. Honesty is the foundation of the enterprise.
-- people-oriented, service first
"Conform to human nature, and seek common development", understanding, and respecting, Honliv Group promotes the concept of mutual service between companies and employees, to achieve good communication with the mutual respect based on equality dialogue and exchange, Discussion, contend, criterion conformity.
-- the first record, brave, and endless
Honliv people treat the job with entrepreneurial passion forever. Only with constant innovation, enterprises can have the great vitality. Honliv people do not nostalgia yesterdays glory, not wishful thinking tomorrow, only willing to today, create first-class performance with the sweat; Management innovation, to meet the potential need for employees to fully display their wisdom and talent; Business innovation, to seek the new breakthroughs, to create the perfect industrial chain. Always maintain a sense of urgency, sense of introspection, learning awareness, perseverance, and beyond the process of self-surpass others.
Talent Concept - respect for the integrity, selection of capable personnel
“High pay raise diligence paid Honesty”. Honliv Group’s standard measure of talent is only one: high quality, talents and working hard. Whether a person is talent is to see whether he has the following three conditions: The first is a good character, and second, a positive work attitude and the third is a higher knowledge and abilities. Of these, a good character is a prerequisite for people to become professionals. Only three aspects of balanced development is to grow into the enterprise beneficial talents.
-- you have more talents, to you much
Room for character development to the people, giving people a platform for a successful career, so that employees achieve self-worth in the enterprise development and achieve the common development of companies and talents. Enterprises should develop core competencies of employees in the actual combat hone screening personnel, let the staff as a professional expert, so that the managers become the most valuable managers.
--Focus on capacity, advocating the performance
Not only experience, not only of age, not only urban and rural areas, not only of gender, ability and political integrity, Wei-yin is a move, the ability doctrine pursued by the company. Enterprises depend on the performance to survive, the staff development depends on the performance. Advocating performance, but not only performance, at the same time focusing on capacity considerations. Performance rewards, the capacity to determine positions.

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